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It is difficult to improve what you don’t measure…

by Evelyne Legaux on 15-04-2021

Undoubtedly, you have heard this sentence many times already. But how often have you stopped to give it serious thinking & consideration?

With Working Capital now a top priority for most businesses, it is critical for Finance leaders & business owners to access truthful insights into their Order to Cash performance, process efficiency & policy effectiveness.

To do so, businesses should develop a simple dashboard tracking TRULY meaningful KPIs that support better business decision-making.

And with digital technology now widely available, this should be a fast & painless business-led exercise, that is free from any dependency on your IT organization.


Are you relying on the usual suspects - std DSO and % AR past due - to tell you the truth about how your Order to Cash function is doing?

IF YES, then chances are you are missing out on the correct insights needed to drive sustainable improvement and WE NEED TO TALK!

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