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Is your company:

  • Struggling to get paid by trade customers or facing a rise in bad debt losses?
  • Finding it challenging to manage the financial relationship with trade customers?
  • Putting its own operating Cash Flow at risk due to poor or ineffective Credit management?
  • Lacking OTC processes that support organic growth, sales channel diversification or geographical expansion?
  • Ready to take the plunge & embrace the Nextgen ERP system or digital technologies?
  • Willing to evolve its Finance operating model &/or optimize global business processes?
  • Having to integrate a business Merger/Acquisition, or indeed separate a Spinoff?


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Finance OTC Consulting Ltd will work with your leadership & teams on the ground to carry out a diagnostic of your Order to Cash processes, operations & policies, and deliver a report outlining a remediation action plan & expected benefits.

We will also support your Finance Transformation journey by project managing any OTC strategic initiatives, such as:

  • Setting up a new Finance organization structure (CoE, SSC, GBS, etc...) or operating model,
  • Implementing the Nextgen ERP system or new technologies,
  • Optimizing global business processes,
  • Integrating a business Merger or Acquisition, or separating a Spinoff.


Contact us today for a FREE Discovery consultation!


No matter how small or big your B2B business might be, engaging with us will bring tangible benefits to it:

  • Cost savings - from enhanced process efficiency, digital automation, mitigated risk & clear operating guidelines,
  • Lower DSO & shorter CCC (Cash Conversion Cycle) – thanks to sustained Revenue cycle management improvements,
  • Enhanced customer experience - through greater process transparency, fewer operational disputes & improved communication tools,
  • Increased employee satisfaction – due to streamlined workflows, less manual tasks & time resources freed up for value-add activities,
  • Boost in Revenue - as the combined result of all preceding benefits,

And also, where relevant:

  • Scalable org structure supported by streamlined processes & new technology infrastructure,
  • Seamless business integration into or separation from existing processes & systems.

Contact us today for a FREE Discovery consultation!



CORPORATE PARTNERSHIP with Forums International Ltd

"Forums International Ltd was created to provide Credit and industry forums. The forums provide opportunities for Credit and Finance professionals to meet and discuss key issues in their industry sectors. Our members also share experiences and challenges and most importantly, talk about innovation and how they have secured success in their roles.

By joining a forum, you will become a part of a close-community of like-minded professionals looking to get ahead in Credit. Our members come from a vast array of industry sectors and we help them gain the tools and techniques they need to face new and existing business challenges and also develop new and best practices.


In this world of virtual events, we want to make it clear that the Forums we run are not one-off webinars. Our forums are quarterly events that are attended by Credit professionals.

Membership is via an annual subscription however we do encourage first time attendees to come along free of charge."

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