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Why Finance Order to Cash is all-Important!

by Evelyne Legaux on 02-03-2022


The more I talk to small business owners & entrepreneurs in my network, the more aware I become of the need to ‘educate’ people on what ‘Order to Cash (OTC)’ is all about. Nothing surprising here, since OTC is a recent enough terminology primarily used by MNCs & other large organisations.

So, what is OTC? And, why is it important for your business?

OTC is another way to talk about the management of the Revenue cycle end-to-end, which involves a number of process segments typically owned by different functional blocks (Sales, Operations & Finance), from on-boarding a new customer all the way to applying Cash received from them.

The core responsibility of Finance in the OTC cycle is to manage Credit risk, cash Collections & Cash Applications.

Finance OTC is everything BUT a back-office type function. Instead, it is a Customer-facing function whose mission is to enable/support business growth while protecting Cash Flow generation & minimizing bad debt.

Finance OTC plays a key pivotal role within any business organisation by working closely with Sales, Operations, Legal & other Finance functions, to manage all aspects of the financial relationship with customers.

Yes, I could go on and on about the beauty, the criticality & the value-add of Finance OTC to the business, especially in crisis times…

But my message today is for small businesses. If you start scaling, experiencing rapid growth or targeting foreign markets, NOW is the time to think Finance OTC!

DON’T get caught by surprise when your best & so reliable customer suddenly admits that they are no longer able to pay your bills… DON’T put your own business survival at risk!

Equip your business with professional Finance OTC processes & policy instead. Doing so will go a long way in protecting the lifeblood of your business: Cash Flow!

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