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Is your Credit risk approach immune to changing International relationships & Trade rules?

by Evelyne Legaux on 29-04-2021

Although political leaders & public actors around the planet share the #1 goal of defeating Covid-19 & overcoming the pandemic crisis, by enlarge the world has so far failed to become more peaceful.

Despite the new US Administration favouring multilateralism & the WTO again, it is actually quite the opposite!

Protectionism is gaining momentum, global Supply Chains are proving vulnerable, nationalism & human rights violations are rising, political sanctions are increasing, vaccines are being used as a diplomatic weapon… not to mention Brexit related political tensions & complexities for cross-border trade.

In such a volatile context, companies must understand the impact of a changing geopolitical landscape on their business operations & OTC leaders remain on top of new trade rules & how they impact on their Credit strategy.

More than ever, Credit teams must play a pivotal role & bring together customer-facing stakeholders to craft commercial T&C’s that best protect their Receivables.

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