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Is your Business at risk of being Left Behind?

by Evelyne Legaux on 24-11-2021

A few years ago, “digital transformation” was barely heard of, or was perceived as a nascent thing possibly worth looking at in the distant future.

In today’s world however, these two words are to be found everywhere we look & in every piece we read. According to Enterprise Ireland, 80% of 2,000 recently surveyed businesses responded that going digital was a definite priority for them. Meaning that digitally transforming has now become THE NEXT compelling THING for any business TO DO, or else be faced with the gloomy prospect of being left behind…

But here is the question: do you really understand what this is all about?

While “digital” suggests the rapid pace of change driven by the adoption of emerging technology, “transformation” encompasses the level of innovation required for a business to re-invent itself in that context. In other words, “digital transformation” should be understood as the purposeful strategic re-positioning of a business in the digital economy.

So, a complex endeavour in perspective that comes with significant risks. With regards to Intelligent Automation for instance, a key question is whether an existing business process should be automated “as is”, or should the process itself be transformed as well?

Success dictates that you remain centred on the problem to be solved. As such, it requires that the new technology enabler be put at the heart of your strategic thinking re future-state competitive advantage & operating model, with a strong culture of innovation & change to sustain it.

The same goes for Operational Finance and, more specifically, the Order to Cash function that is close to my heart.

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