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Does your Credit risk approach support an International expansion Strategy post-Pandemic?

by Evelyne Legaux on 30-09-2021

According to the WTO, global trade is expected to grow by +8% in 2021 versus a fall of -5% last year.

This sounds like very good news indeed! However, those underlying trade opportunities come in a very different geopolitical & economic landscape, and with a cohort of new risks & hurdles.

Global supply disruptions in key sectors - such as semi-conductors or wood - are set to continue as the necessary shifts from the world’s dependency on China in the Value Chain will take years & create new inflationary pressures. In other sectors - such as Retail – the current rebound remains fragile.

Around the globe, the economic recovery proves very uneven, with Emerging markets facing a lack of vaccines, much higher public & corporate debts positions, weaker prospects and higher risks of social unrest or strikes than the more Advanced economies.

This said, even in the US companies are at risk of ending up in the line of fire due to the trade war with China, prospect of protectionism or other authoritarian measures, high levels of insolvencies & unemployment, etc…

So, all in all the post-pandemic world that we live in has by enlarge failed to become more peaceful & stable.

In such a volatile context, companies must understand the impact of a changing geopolitical context on their business operations & OTC leaders remain on top of how newly emerging risks impact on their Credit risk strategy.

More than ever, Credit teams must play a pivotal role & bring together customer-facing stakeholders to craft a Credit risk mitigation strategy that best protect their international Receivables.

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