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2 Ways to ensure your Revenue converts into Cash in full & on time!

Today, let’s dive further into the importance of keeping your customer ‘happy all the way’ to get paid in full & on time.

by Evelyne Legaux on 05-08-2021

When you consider the end-to-end Order to Cash (OTC) cycle picture, you see that:

  • various functions such as Sales, Supply Chain, Logistics, Pricing, Order Management, Billing, etc… are involved in delivering their own respective piece of the sales agreement / customer purchase order at some point along the way,
  • collecting the Cash due from your customer is the LAST functional STEP of that cycle, prior to booking & applying the Cash receipt into your Receivables accounting system.
  • So, what this means is that ANYTHING that goes WRONG at any stage of the OTC cycle – whether it is a contract issue, a shipment issue, a pricing issue, a billing issue or otherwise - WILL ultimately GET IN THE WAY OF your ability to collect CASH in full & on time!

    Your customer is indeed entitled to expect you to deliver flawlessly on your side of the contractual obligations. And some customers do prove very good at waiting for the payment due date to elapse, before raising a query to you…

    So, to protect your main source of operating Cash Flow generation, it is essential that:

  • all your operational processes involved along the OTC cycle perform flawlessly,
  • your Credit team implements an effective Dispute Management process & dashboard that will NOT ONLY speed up the resolution turnaround time of those queries BUT also help identify any operational process breaks & gaps for remediation!
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    We can help you get paid in full & on time!